Sushi Mieda Singapore is an haute cuisine concept by renowned one-Michelin star Kaiseki Master, Chef Nobumasa Mieda,

His first foray outside of Japan, Sushi Mieda Singapore showcases excellent quality sushi and seasonally-inspired modern interpretations of Kaiseki, the traditional multi-coursed Japanese meal – and art form – that highlights the skills and techniques of the chef, and offers a harmonization of colours, textures and flavour of the food.


At Sushi Mieda Singapore, sushi and Kaiseiki are combined proficiently, bearing great testaments to Japan’s illustrious gastronomic heritage and elevating Japanese fine-dining to an entirely new level.


Chef Mieda’s philosophy is to bring ‘exquisite pleasures and surprises’ through every meal. Therefore, through his immaculate eye for detail and immense talent in combining tradition and modernity, dining at Sushi Mieda Singapore is a multi-sensory experience where tastes play subliminal virtuosos on the palate, and artistic presentation and impeccable plating are visually-spectacular.